What is Spotify?

I’ve been hearing about this app for a while now but I still don’t quite get how it works.

According to Wikipedia, “Spotify is a commercial music streaming service providing digital rights management–restricted content from record labels including Sony, EMI, Warner Music Group and Universal.Music can be browsed or searched by artist, album, genre, playlist, or record label. Paid “Premium” subscriptions remove advertisements and allow users to download music to listen offline. On computers, a link allows users to purchase selected material via partner retailers.”

Are you guys using this? Can anyone give me some feedback? I’m personally choosy when it comes to apps so I think I’m going to stick with Soundcloud for now.

Soundcloud and Mixcloud Marathon

The kind of music that I listen to is usually influenced by whatever mood I’m in. I’m not ignorant of the many genres available out there. In fact, I even like electronic music, or EDM as it is more popularly known. No, I’m not trying to be cool or anything like that, but I do enjoy listening to the energetic and booming bass sounds that most DJ producers play. I could go on and on about this but I fear you guys might mistake me for a hipster. Ha!

But if you guys are looking for a website that you can check out EDM, check out Soundcloud or Mixcloud. Trust me, these two are better than YouTube. You’ll have practically uninterrupted listening time because there’s not much buffering and waiting involved. ;)

Back to Blogging

Hi guys! It’s so awesome to be back! Unfortunately, this is going to be a quick post. I know it’s been two years since my last post, and so that probably means I should start with a long update about my life, but things are really crazy right now. I was just too excited to wait to go online later even though I’m pressed for time.

Anyway, now that I’m back to blogging now, I’ll have plenty of opportunities to post something long and extensive for you guys. For now, I’m simply so glad to be back.

Currently listening to:

Guess Who Has A New Job?

Hi guys. Honestly, I am having a big problem right now. Ever since a friend left for Europe, my social circle started to dwindle. Regular weekend handouts are now boring and sad. Oh well, change is a big part of life and it is this change that is forcing me to put this blog on hold. I cannot work on this blog right now because I am very busy somewhere else. What’s better than blogging? Well right now, it’s pretty much everything, particularly, my new job!

That’s right guys. I have a new job and it is not just any job. It’s actually my dream job. I scored a job working on a specialty record store that caters to a niche market. We specialize in selling rare records that only fans appreciate. You know why I really like this new job? It’s primarily because of the fact that I am actually dealing with customers who know and understand music. There are no stupid teenagers trying hard to look cool and sound cool buying music records that they truly do not understand and appreciate. If there is one thing I don’t want to deal with its uneducated music hipsters.

I love music and give it the respect that it’s due. I try so hard to make sure that I appreciate the music that I buy. When I go to a regular music store, all I see are people who buy music just to look good or appeal to a certain social strata. They do not buy music that they actually like. Because of this, going to a regular record store is a bit troublesome for me. Imagine if I work on a record store like that?

It’s a good thing that this new record store that I’m working on is totally awesome. I like talking to customers. In fact, I like it so much that I sometimes wish I was living there. This is why I won’t be blogging for now because I am actually enjoying my new job. See you around guys, maybe if you pass by my store we can hang.


Today was the last time we were going to see our friend for a while. Remember that backyard barbecue lunch we had when our friend Chris told us he was leaving for Europe, well he finally left today. Earlier, we all gathered at his house as he was ready to leave for the airport. The mood was sullen and everyone was trying to crack jokes just to ease the sadness out of everyone there but Chris himself said we were lousy at this goodbye thing because of what we were doing.

Actually, it’s not like we were never going to see each other ever again but we all know it just would not be the same without him here. The girls in our circle of friends were all crying and hugging him. He just laughed everything off. Of course, we all know that he was also sad deep inside but he just didn’t want us to see that it was also difficult for him to leave us all behind. However, we all know that it was going to be a big opportunity for him and he just could not pass it out and we all understand that anyway. It was just sad to see one of our best friends leave.

Take care of yourself buddy! We are going to miss your sorry ass. No one’s going to grill some barbecue for us anymore.

Friend’s Recital

I have this friend who was into music and instruments and after learning how to play the guitar, she enrolled in piano lessons. Today, she had her recital and she invited me to come watch her play. I was amazed at how good she was for only a short time of learning how to play the piano. I like music but I have never really gotten around to learning instruments. I just know how to appreciate them but I didn’t really have the passion to learn how to make music of my own. I was really proud of my friend for already learning how to play the guitar and now the piano. Next up she said was the drums.



I like movie soundtracks. They are more meaningful and they actually somehow summarizes the whole mood of a movie. For me, probably the most emotional and beautiful soundtrack is that of City of Angel’s Iris by Goo Goo Dolls. It was a drama and the song just felt really perfect for the whole message of the song.

There are also those soundtracks which are just being fun and playful but there are also really great ones. I also like Linkin Park’s songs for those Transformers movies.

What are your favorite OST’s?

End of the Week

This week, I seemed to have gone to the gym every single day. That is dedication. Too dedicated in fact that my body is all sore and tired right now. I can’t imagine the last time this happened to me. I seriously don’t even know why I decided to go to the gym for five days straight. I must have been really bored maybe. Or I didn’t have anything better to do than go to the gym. Whatever it was, I feel so sorry now that I went all out with the workout thing. At this rate, I would be such a boring companion this weekend since I will probably just stay at home and do nothing at all. With the way I am feeling right now, I deserve a long weekend of rest and relaxation.

But I think the guys have something planned for us this weekend. I just cannot remember exactly what it was we were supposed to do. I just know that it definitely won’t be peace and quiet for sure. There goes my plan of being a hermit this weekend. Anyhow, before they storm inside my house to force me to do something I wish I could get out of, I must try to rest my body for a bit. Working out is really great for you but this is too much.


Songs for Love

What is it with guys using songs to make a girl fall in love with them? Yes, I have done this also and I still wonder why ever did I do that? I remember doing this a long time ago and I was dedicating a song to this girl I really liked. With the letter that I gave her, there was also a copy of the song. I then told her that if she listens to the lyrics of the song, I felt the same way too. I related every line of the song to what I felt for her. It was really cheesy that I could not bear to mention what the song was. I cringe at the thought of what I did. Well, at least, that girl gushed over it and then we dated for six months.

Sometimes, you have to get creative and if dedicating a song to a girl can make things happen for you then by all means, do it. We are not exactly great songwriters and we need an artist’s song just to share what we feel. Maybe it’s because we are just really lazy to come up with all the right words and borrowing someone else’s is better and easier.

I am sure I am not the only one who is guilty of doing this once in their lives. I just wish that the guys who do this really mean what they say and not just to feel really cool and romantic when they are just going to fool the girl.